AEA are coming on strong!


MAR. 23, 2021

AEA microphones

An AEA R84 ribbon microphone in action with a double bass!

We are glad to say that we are experiencing a lot of interest in AEA ribbon mics and preamplifiers at the moment, both from studios and musicians with private facilities. Why not join the ranks of those who are enjoying the benefits of high quality ribbon microphones and find out more about the techniques. We should point out that ribbon microphones can be rather 'picky' about what preamplifier they are used with and AEA offer a range of high end microphone preamps that are matched to ribbon mics as well as offering premium quality response for condenser and dynamic microphones.

We have quite a wide range of demo equipment available - including the new KU5A hyper-cardioid model that owes its heritage to the KU4, a successor to the rare RCA cardioid microphone - so please contact us to learn more about AEA products and their applications.