Home Cinema

Terry Nelson

MAR. 26 2021

There has never been a better time to think about your own cinema in the home.

The current health situation has effectively put a stop to cinema-going and this is bad news for cinephiles. TV provides a certain alternative to actually going out to see films but the question then arises - are you getting the cinema experience in your own home?

The term "Home Cinema" means just that - a cinema in the home and, in the best of worlds, a dedicated room (basement, loft, spare room, whatever...) that is fitted out as a small cinema. A properly designed room will give you the cinema experience to be enjoyed by family and friends and, though the sky can be the limit in terms of cost, a perfectly viable Home Cinema can be installed without breaking the bank.

The ideal, as mentioned above, is a dedicated room that is designed as a high quality screening room. However, not everyone has a room to spare or the space and this means that the living room becomes the 'cinema'. The moment the system is installed in an optimum manner, the results can be more than satisfactory.

Only Home Cinema (OHC) is the 'cinema' wing of Studio Equipment and is Home THX Level II certified. We have experience with professional dubbing stages and screening rooms and are able to bring this expertise to the Home Cinema field by looking at projects in a professional manner.

As the adage goes, no project is too large or too small! We will be delighted to discuss your ideas with you.

A promo video for OHC is currently under production and will be available soon on this site.