Summit Audio

Terry Nelson

MAR. 26, 2021

Summit Audio are still the tops for valve (tube) audio processing...

Summit Audio provide a range of valve (tube) processing equipment that cover microphone and instrument preamplifiers, dynamics processing and EQ.

Keeping the 'magic' that characterised the legendary Pultec compressors and equalisers, Summit combine valve processing for the audio path with the more reliable solid state circuitry for the power supply and control functions. In fact, the best of both worlds! We can also mention that the microphone preamplifiers are perfect for ribbon microphones - notoriously 'picky' when it comes to preamps.

The 19" rack units are destined for studio and live applications, with the half-rack range finding uses in smaller studio and personal installations without sacrificing quality for a smaller budget.

The top of the range is the 4-in-1 model, the "Everest" ECS410 channel strip. This unit offers four distinct functions in a 2U rack chassis with each section having individual XLR I/O plus main inputs and outputs. An internal softkey patching system allows sections to be arranged as desired, thus adding further flexibility. The four sections are a microphone and instrument preamplifier, a passive LC equaliser, dual mode dynamics and a DriveBus output with either valve or transistor circuitry.

The DriveBus allows varying amounts of 'crunch' to be added to a signal and can often be the difference between a track popping out in the mix or staying in the background. This is definitely a try-it-and-see feature!

We will be more than pleased to provide any further information on applications for Summit Audio and you can always head over to for user manuals and specs.