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AEA                                       Ribbon microphones and preamplifiers

BLUE MICROPHONES         Microphones for studio and live performance

BLUE SKY                             Active 5.1 / 7.1 and stereo monitoring systems. AMC 5.1 / 7.1 monitor controller

CB ELECTRONICS               Time code products, control and monitoring systems for post-prod

CD SOUND CHECK 2           The ultimate test CD for audio installations !

CROOKWOOD AUDIO          Mastering consoles, monitoring solutions, mic preamps & routing solutions

DTS                                        Pro audio software encoders for Blu-Ray, DVD and broadcast

HARRISON CONSOLES       Consoles / preamplifiers for film, post-prod & music recording. MixBus DAW

KENTON ELECTRONICS      MIDI retrofit kits, MIDI / CV convertors, MIDI controller

MARTINSOUND                     Audiophile microphone preamplifiers

POINT SOURCE AUDIO        Miniature microphones for stage and broadcast / film

RENKUS-HEINZ                     "Iconyx" and IC-series beam-steering arrays, active and passive SR speakers

STUDIO TECHNOLOGIES     Processing, DA's, comms, ENG mixer, 5.1 / 7.1 monitoring & optical fiber

SUMMIT AUDIO                     Valve (tube) processing equipment

VDC TRADING                       Professional cabling solutions including custom systems

WIREWORKS                         Multiway cabling systems and custom panels

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