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Terry Nelson

30 avr. 2024

The release of the Harrison Classic32 console at the New York AES last year marked a big step forward in what can be called the ‘Hybrid Studio’.

A modern reworking of the classic Harrison Series 32C console that was used on many iconic recordings (with many still in operation today!) brings the best of analogue combined with the best of digital, making interfacing with your DAW of choice a breeze.

With the audio circuitry and sonic integrity of the original 32C remaining intact, the Classic32 offers a frame styling in accordance with professional studio requirements for easy integration with workstations (DAW) and comes in frame sizes of 32 and 48 channels.

The system combines the sonic signature of the 32C with Harrison AD and DA converters with Dante for interfacing with the outside world – the basis of a true ‘hybrid studio’.

Terry Nelson of Studio Equipment has long been associated with Harrison Consoles and this goes back to 1983 when he first visited the factory in Nashville and met the founder, Dave Harrison, forming a lasting friendship and later, a collaboration with the company. He was also privileged to have followed the development of the Classic32 from the very start!

The acquisition last year of Harrison by SSL obviously made a big change in the business relationship and previous distribution agreements. However, it is the wish of Harrison to maintain the relationship with Studio Equipment and we are very pleased to announce that we will be able to collaborate with the official Swiss distributor for SSL/Harrison, MGM Audio AG in Zürich. We will be at the disposition of the pro audio industry in Switzerland (and even internationally) to consult and supply Harrison products in partnership with MGM Audio. We are pleased to continue our service to the industry.

On a closing note, we should mention the first foray of Harrison into the world of 500 Series modules at the 2024 NAMM show and these include the 32C mic preamplifier, the EQ from the MR3 console and the classic Harrison feed-forward compressor. You can now get the ‘Harrison Sound’ without having to get the whole console!

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